Shell Eggs: Daily Midwest Regional Eggs

NW_PY018 Des Moines, IA Tue. Feb 27, 2024 USDA Market News Daily Midwest Regional Eggs Midwest delivered prices are steady. Producer prices are 15 cents lower for Large, 5 cents lower for Medium, unchanged on Small. The undertone is weak. Demand is light to moderate. Offerings and supplies are moderate. The Midwest shell egg inventory increased 6.1% compared to last week. Market activity is moderate to slow. Breaking stock prices are steady to lower with check and undergrade prices unchanged. The undertone is steady to weak. Demand ranges light to fairly good. Offerings are moderate. Supplies are moderate to instances light. Schedules are full-time to reduced. Market activity is moderate to slow. PRICES TO RETAILERS, SALES TO VOLUME BUYERS, USDA GRADE A AND GRADE A, WHITE EGGS IN CARTONS, CENTS PER DOZEN. PRICES DELIVERED TO WAREHOUSE: RANGE MOSTLY EXTRA LARGE 302-311 305-308 LARGE 301-310 303-306 MEDIUM 198-207 200-203 PRICES DELIVERED TO STORE DOOR: RANGE MOSTLY EXTRA LARGE 309-317 310-312 LARGE 307-315 308-310 MEDIUM 204-212 205-207 IOWA-MINNESOTA-WISCONSIN EGGS PRICES PAID TO PRODUCERS, CENTS PER DOZEN. RANGE MOSTLY LARGE 258-268 262 MEDIUM 170-174 172 SMALL 111-117 MIDWEST AREA: IA,IL,IN,KY,MI,MN,OH,NE,ND,SD,WI,WV, western NY, and western PA Source: USDA Livestock, Poultry, and Grain Market News Des Moines, IA 515-284-4460 email: Prepared: 27-Feb-24 12:14 PM E GL