Shell Eggs: Daily Southeast Regional Eggs

AJ_PY008 Atlanta, GA Tue. Feb 27, 2024 USDA Market News Daily Southeast Region Eggs Prices are steady. The undertone is weak. The Southeast shell egg inventory is up 10 percent compared to last week. Demand is light to moderate. Offerings are light to moderate. Supplies are mostly moderate. Market activity is moderate to slow. Eastern Region breaking stock offerings are light to moderate. Breaking schedules are normal. Light hen offerings are light to moderate for the moderate demand; processing schedules are normal. PRICES TO RETAILERS, SALES TO VOLUME BUYERS, USDA GRADE A AND GRADE A, WHITE EGGS IN CARTONS, CENTS PER DOZEN. PRICES DELIVERED TO WAREHOUSE: RANGE MOSTLY EXTRA LARGE 309-336 322-325 LARGE 306-332 317-320 MEDIUM 208-224.5 213-217 SOUTHEAST AREA: AL,FL,GA,MS,NC,SC, eastern TN, and southern VA Source: USDA Livestock, Poultry, and Grain Market News Atlanta, GA 404-562-5850 email: Prepared: 27-Feb-24 12:05 PM E AA